Realizing the potential of Technology and Cybersecurity companies while helping victims of oppression

Partnering with Information Technology and Cybersecurity Companies to Maximize Success

Our seasoned Board of Directors have managed more than $25B in acquisitions


White Strix is a diversified holding company, seeking to maximize stakeholder value while mitigating economic risk for our partners. As a result of our successful investment partnerships, we empower victims of oppression around the world through our philanthropic network. This model gives greater meaning to our partners’ exit strategies. 

Our culture is built on accountability. Our techniques deploy strategic capital allocation, well-defined financial engineering, and a special focus on the people who have made our clients’ businesses so successful. By optimizing the value, quality, and scope of portfolio companies’ products, services, and people, we create enhanced value, resilience, and economic dependability of critical infrastructure, while maximizing shareholder return.

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